Surfing Morocco

Your Guide to Surfing in Morocco for Beginners.

Mention Morocco and most call to mind desert cities filled with knotty street markets, exotic cuisine, and old world architecture; Marrakesh, couscous, Casablanca, tagines. Few, though, would call to mind surfing, despite Morocco being a exciting surf destination, particularly for beginners. Below is a brief guide to surf breaks in Morocco that are ideal for beginners, imagined as a road-trip that begins in Marrakesh (the closest major city to the stretch of coastline dealt with in this list).

(Note: use this guide as you would any other guide: as a launching pad for your own research!)

Essaouira Beach, Marrakesh-Safi

A few hours east of Marrakesh by car is Essaouira, a city in the region of Marrakesh-Safi. The modern name means “The Little Rampart”, a reference to the fortress walls that enclose part of the city. The city’s beach is one of the most ideal for beginners as it offers both left and right-handers over a soft-sand bottom. The beach also offers great views of the city’s port and Isle de Mogador, an island south east of Essaouira. One bonus of Essaouira is the city’s old town, which you can explore for hours (in between surfs, of course).

Sidi Kaouki Beach, Marrakesh-Safi

Just south of Essaouira (but still in the Marrakesh-Safi region) is the quiet and rustic fishing village Sidi Kaouki. Sidi Kaouki’s beach is ideal for surfers of all abilities, due to its length and close proximity to a river mouth to the south which helps to create sand banks. However, unlike Magic Bay and Essaouira, Sidi Kaouki’s beach is exposed to all winds and conditions, making it a much more temperamental beach than Magic Bay or Essaouira (a fact that makes it a great kiteboarding destination).

Magic Bay, Imsouane, Agadir

Less than two hours south of Sidi Kaouki is Imsouane, a small town that is home to Magic Bay, a sand-bottom right-hander. When conditions align perfectly the waves can run as long as 600metres, making it ideal for beginners and advanced surfers alike. Imsouane is also a wonderful place to relax when you aren’t surfing, with Paradise Valley’s natural swimming pools located nearby.

Panoramas, Taghazout

Less than a hour south of Magic Bay is Panoramas, by the fishing village of Taghazout. It’s an ideal beach for beginners, offering both left and right-handers, as well being less crowded than nearby surf spots. It’s also a largely sheltered beach, making it a safe option when the swell is large. If you are looking for more of a challenge, head north along the beach to Hash Point and Anchor Point, the latter of which is considered world-class.

La Source, Taghazout

Another beach near Taghazout is La Source, named for the fresh water springs that bubble from rock formations on the shore. Like Panoramas, La Source offers both left and right-handers and is rarely busy. One great aspect of Taghazout (and its neighbouring town Tamraght) is that it has, for years, embraced surf culture, making it both a safe and welcoming destination for visiting foreign surfers.

This guide shows the appeal that Morocco holds for beginner surfers looking to explore new surf spots. Each of the beaches mentioned is ideal for a beginner, as well as being close to other, more advanced surf spots, meaning that a visit to this area can cater for surfers of all abilities. Also, the close proximity that the beaches in this list have to each other means that it is entirely possible to visit all of them in the same trip.