10 Best Apps for Surfers in Australia - Free & Paid

2019 is an amazing time to be a surfer. We can go from an epic surf session straight to checking the surf conditions and weather forecasts as well as learn how to do maneuvers and watch our favorite surfers rip, directly from apps on our phones. So what are the best apps for surfers in Australia? It depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for paid or free apps, surf guides apps or forecast apps? There are also a full gamut of apps for weather forecasts, surfboard shaping, surf training, travel, and surf contests. Luckily, you don’t have to decide all at once, because there are a wide variety out there available for you to aid in your surfing experience! 

Quad Rack

1.) NOAA Buoy and Tide data (paid) should literally be a base of a surfers repertoire for surf apps. Why? Because you’ll get arguably the most accurate surf and weather data available all over the world. It is a paid app, but for only $1.99 you certainly get what you pay for AND you can use GPS from anywhere in the world to receive live data on swells coming your way! 

2.) Surfline: This is a classic app that surfers use around the world. You can pay to have live streaming videos or use for free and see brief forecasts, and current reports and tide updates. Surfline has been around since day one. You could almost call them the leader in surf forecasting. 

3.) Go Flow: This is kind of like the Facebook of surf apps. This allows surfers to connect with one another and speak about current conditions etc. It’s also FREE! 

4.) Joel Parkinson Pro Surf Training: Want to train with a pro virtually? This paid app, $2.99, offers training and exercises designed for improving surfing. What a great idea for surfers who can’t make it to far away countries to meet their favourite pro surfers! Surfing is a nuanced sport that Best Apps for Surfers in Australia requires different muscle targeting and moves that “traditional” exercises, and this app caters to just that. 


5.) WSL App: Want to watch your favourite surfers battle it out live, or view contest updates and tagged

surfers in real time? Then the World Surfing League App is for you! 

6.) Surfr: This free app hosts information and updates on surf, conditions and forecasts for 8,000 different surf spots! Super up to date and easy to use! A must have in a surfers or ocean-lovers repertoire. 

7.) Boardline: Looking to buy a new surfboard? This app helps to find your dream board the easiest way possible! 

8.) Willy Weather: A weather app that is easy to use, up to date and accurate. 

9.) Beach Safe: This is a unique and powerful app for people wanting to stay safe at the beach. 

10.) Find Waves: This free app does just that! Helps you find waves AND wind conditions when you need them. A surfer can’t go wrong with this user-friendly app because it’s also FREE!