​Five hacks to save money on your next surf trip

Surf trips don’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact they can be affordable with a little creativity. Surfers are not know as a high maintenance bunch, in fact surfers are some of the best candidates for traveling affordably as long as there are waves involved. Below are five hacks to save you money when planning your next surf trip. 

1.) Travel with Snacks

Have you ever noticed the costs of food and beverage while traveling? It starts as soon as we arrive at the airport. We are more inclined to make an impulse food decision if we’re hungry and without snacks, then if we have paced ourselves with items like beef jerky, dried fruit, trail mix, and crackers. That $12 bland lunch in the airport could’ve cost you as little as $2 if you brought snacks to hold you over. When outside of the airport always bring water. The same principal from above applies. If you are thirsty, you are much more likely to buy sodas, juices, or let’s face it-beers, then simply satiating our thirst with regular ole water. 

2.) Be flexible with the airfare 

Not all destinations are alike, also not all time frames are created equal. For instance, traveling to Hawaii in the Summer will be more expensive, while traveling to Central America might be more affordable that time of year depending on when you leave. Also, keep in mind that traveling during the week is often, if not always, more affordable than the weekends. Do you travel with heavy bags? Try traveling with only your carry on backpack and surfboard bag. And under no circumstances go OVER the weight limit. This draws the attention to your board bag and that is what you want to avoid. Also, look for destinations that charge less per board or board bag. This can literally make or break a trip. 

3.) Don’t rack up a hefty bar tab

When traveling it is easy to drink literally every day and night. A beer at lunch, three at dinner, etcetera, etcetera. There is nothing wrong with that, but have you every tallied up how much alcohol actually costs? Unless you’re traveling where alcohol is as cheap as water, try to make your own drinks. Another option is to go to the local “sodas” (as they say in Central America) or local stores and restaurants rather than the expensive tourist restaurants and bars. If you are in a resort this acutely applies as well! 

4.) Be willing to share accommodations 

Traveling solo is going to cost you more. If you aren’t traveling with a partner, try opening your mind to staying in a shared room or dormitory. If that is not up your alley, try traveling with friends or family so you can share the costs. An example of this would be renting a house and splitting the costs. The most expensive option is staying solo in a resort or upscale hotel. Five hacks to save money on your next surf trip 

5.) Work Virtually 

This might sound weird, but could you find some virtual work while traveling? Could you work on a side gig while on the road? This particularly relates to people traveling for longer expanses, but if you have a little money coming in, the outgoing costs don’t seem as extreme. If working from home isn’t an option, try saving money for six months to a year prior to the trip so you aren’t as strapped when the time comes around to leave. There are life hacks that can help with this. For instance, cut coupons, drink coffee at home, buy gas during the week, use less utilities at home by turning off appliances and lights. The list goes on and one. All in all, there are many ways to make a surf trip happen, so by no means should money be a limiting factor. Obviously it takes a bit of saving and planning, but with an open mind you can go far.