Looking for an epic surf trip? Try Costa Rica.

If you are a keen surfer of any skill level looking for a surf trip that you are sure to score epic waves all while enjoying the lush surroundings and friendly locals, where should you go? Costa Rica.

This somewhat small country is located in wave rich Central America, wedged between

Nicaragua and Panama and both coastlines host a wide variety of world class waves. The

heavily forested country is also teaming with wildlife and greenery and is sure to meet the needs

of any traveler. Because Costa Rica is user-friendly and thrives on “Eco-tourism,” the country

literally caters to the needs of surfers and vacationers alike.

Surf schools, surf hostels, surf hotels, and surf restaurants and gear, cater to the needs of

surfers and ocean enthusiasts alike. Surf tours and schools have taken advantage of the wave

rich coastline and are conveniently located in front of some of the best surf breaks in the


Did I mention the surf?

It never fails - this little stretch of coast is exquisitely wave-rich with a variety of different reef,

point and beach breaks, all with different sparkling backdrops and 86 degree water. The south

(the Osa Peninsula) tends to be less crowded with more rain and lush forest embracing the

sand, while the north (the Nicoya Peninsula) is drier, easier to access and experiences daily

offshore winds most of the year.

Some surf spots in the south include the world famous Pavones, which is one of the longest

lefts on earth, as well as Playa Hermosa and Dominical, which are punchy beach breaks sure to

entice intermediate to advance surfers on bigger days. To the north, spots like Playa Grande,

Witches Rock and Ollies Point. These spots can accommodate most levels of surfers at all

times of year. And for brand new surfers? Tamarindo and Playa Nosara are two of the best

places to learn to surf around.

Although travel guides emphasize “high” and “low” seasons in terms of tourist popularity for

Costa Rica, you can be assured that even the “low” season will provide beautiful weather for

your traveling needs. Costa Rica’s dry season usually starts in November and the weather

Looking for an epic surf trip? Try Costa Rica.

tends to be arid and warm (80 degrees most days). The rainy season usually starts in April and

temperatures are similar to the dry season, although more humid.

Because of Lake Nicaragua to the north, offshore winds are prevalent almost all day long.

Surfing three times a day somewhere along the 801 miles of coastline is a common occurrence

amongst surfers when the wind stays good all day, getting out to see the wildlife is by itself

worth the trip.

In addition to the epic surf, Costa Rica houses a wide variety of species including pumas,

monkeys, macaws and crocodiles. With its symphony of wildlife and development-free land,

Costa Rica maintains a sense of “unspoiled” coastline akin to California over 50 years ago. This

relaxed and big-hearted country makes for an easy, accessible experience, with the added

bonus of daily epic surf.