Minimalist Surfboard Wall Rack

  • 100% 5050 Aluminum construction - never rusts
  • Soft felt padding to protect your board's rails
  • Minimalist design is great for showing off boards and not the rack
  • Strong design can hold shortboards or longboards

Construction: Made of 100% 5052 Aluminium construction, you can rest assured this rack is sturdy enough to meet all your surfboard storage needs and will never rust!

Design: A sleek anodized finish looks great anywhere, and the rack's minimalist design means the focus is on displaying your surfboard, and not on the rack. Show off your favourite surfboard and turn it into wall art when you're not using it!

Protection: Each rack comes heavily padded with a felt liner that will protect your surfboard's rails from getting damaged while resting in the rack.

Installation: Mounts into your wall (drywall or studs) quickly and easily with included screws and drywall anchors.

Product Dimensions:
-extends 6.5" out from the wall
-3" tall along wall
-2" wide
-1.25" tall front lip

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