SUP Sock Stand Up Paddle Board Cover

$89.00 - $99.00

Alies Sock for Stand Up Paddle Board

Looking for a way to keep your SUP clean and damage-free? If so, the Alies SUP Sock Cover might be for you! As the name suggests, the sock cover works on the same principal as a shoe sock by providing an soft but strong cover with which to store your board. The elasticity of the fabric—Our New Royal Blue Jacquard —allows the sock cover to snugly encase your SUP, keeping it clean and free from dings and scratches. The 600D reinforced nose protector adds further protection to your SUP, as the nose is often the part most susceptible to damage, especially when you are transporting or storing your SUP. The sock cover will also protect your SUP from the sun, which will prevent premature discolouration.

The Alies SUP Sock Cover is an ideal option for those who regularly use their SUP but don’t want to store it inside a bulky cover.


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