Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Wall Rack Angled ( Pair )


Longboard or SUP Storage Rack

The Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Rack / Longboard Surfboard Wall Rack is a super strong, heavy duty rack, that is purpose built to support extra large boards such as SUP and longboard surfboards.

ANGLE: The tight angle of the bend tucks boards into the wall, keeping stored boards out of the way and making for a great option where space is tight.

Built from High-strength steel box tubing (5/8"x5/8") which is covered in quality cushioning foam, provides a safe and soft landing for your board.

Sold in pairs.


high quality foam cushioning to protect your board

heavy duty steel box tubing construction

vinyl end caps

easy installation


arm extends at approx. 45 degrees, 18 inches (45.7cm) from wall

will fit even the largest and widest of SUPs with rails up to 6" thick max weight 50lbs (23kg)

heavy-duty lag bolts included for secure installation

Tips for installation

Installation is easy just 4 bolts to screw into the wall, all parts included.

check you have 2 racks, 4 bolts and end caps

always mount your rack to a sturdy surface, such as a wall stud

pre-drilling pilot holes will make screwing of lug bolts easier

included caps provide for a nice finished look to your rack, so you can secure your board safely, out of the way, and in style!

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