10ft SUP Leg rope Leash Stand Up Paddle

  • Keep your board secure and your leash up on the board and out of the water reducing drag in both flat water and surf. STAINLESS STEEL BEARING SWIVEL An unbreakable, self-lubricating swivel that produces continuous friction-free motion, eliminating leash tangles.
  • Wrapped double velrco ankle strap designed for security and the upmost comfort. You will forget you're even wearing it.
  • Features durable and sturdy anti snap technology that keeps you attached to your board no matter how many times you fall off. The cord / mould connection that absorbs wave impact, stretching with the leash to resist breakage. leash & mould stretch up to 5 X original length
  • Ideal for SUP paddle boards and longboard surfboards with BONUS key pocket to securely store your key while you're out on the water.
  • Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. 
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