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​Surfing Seniors

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Can you learn to surf at any age? Can you continue to surf into your eighties and even your nineties? Definitely! Age is not a reason to not surf.Surfing is not a sport exclusive to the young, athletic, and tanned. It’s enjoyed by men and [...]

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Your Guide to Surfboard Fins

A Guide to Surfboard Fins.Similar in form and theory to the keel on a boat, the fin helps to give a surfboard stability, drive, and manoeuvrability. And like the keel, how much of each it provides depends on both the design of the fin and its arrangement. Below is a brief and simple guide to [...]

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Bali Surf Trips

A Guide to Surfing BaliKnown for decades as the ‘Island of the Gods’, Bali has, for its size, a rich and varied selection of surfing breaks, comfortably catering to surfers of all abilities. This is both a curse and a blessing for the island; a curse because a certain wave can quickly become crowded, a [...]

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SUP Boards & SUP Accessories - Your Guide

History of SUP SurfingStand Up Paddleboards or SUPs have been around for over 100 years. Many people believe this is a new way of surfing when in fact the style of riding a board in this way originated in a more basic form as part of surfing history in Hawaii. SUP surfing as it is [...]

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How To Duck Dive

A Guide to Duck diving.There comes a time in every surfer’s progress when their ability outgrows the shorebreak and they realise that their future lies further from shore. While much of their attention and excitement will no doubt focus on the improved wave quality that such progression brings, there is one skill—a less glamorous skill—that [...]

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Learn To Surf - Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast & Newcastle

Keen to learn how to surf but not sure where to start? Do not fear! Below is a simple guide to surfing lessons on Australia’s east coast, along with average prices for lessons.(Note: For this guide, I have focused on four of the east coast’s main hubs for surfing - the Sunshine Coast, the Gold [...]

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Ethan Ewing

The Curious Case of Ethan EwingI first heard of Ethan Ewing in the days following the 2016 Hurley Pro. A friend had sent me a txt; ‘Check the kid who got second,’ he said, ‘surfs just like Andy.’ The claim was enough to get my attention; Andy was—and still is—one of my favourite surfers, a [...]

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How to Care For Your Surfboard

Board Care and Being AwareOnce you become the proud owner of a surfboard you will need to pay attention to how it is maintained, transported and stored to get the best out of your new surfing friend. A surfboard does not last forever but good care can extend its performance and lifespan.Destruction Guaranteed – Avoid [...]

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Packing for a Surf Trip

Packing for a surf trip can be a daunting task. Flying a coffin full on surfboards can leave even the most experienced surfers in an anxious state.Your mind is full of questions like.....Will the baggage handlers ignore my strategically placed fragile stickers and leave me with nothing rideable on the surf trip of a [...]

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How to make a surfboard bike rack - Step by Step

If you live close to the beach, getting down to your local break is quicker on your bike.  And there are a few more incentives to dust off the old pushie.  A quick pedal will warm up your legs making injuries more preventable.  And of course, you won't be polluting the atmosphere with your car.But, [...]

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