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​Surfers and sharks, are nets the answer?

The Gold Coast’s shark management program uses a series of nets and drum lines in an attempt to remove potentially dangerous sharks from the beaches of the Gold Coast. Unfortunately the nets and drum lines often prove indiscriminate catching hundreds of animals outside of the target species every year. Harmless species of sharks, dolphins, turtles, stingrays, and whales have all [...]

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​Man made waves – Are they the future of surfing?

Whether it be clean and seemingly endless barrels, a heavy shore break with big air sections, or even a mellow and slower wave with big open faces, every surfer dreams of taking their favourite quiver from their board bag, paddling through the break, and taking off on that elusive “perfect wave”. But what if there was a location where [...]

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​The Surfing Interpreter

Beginners LevelIf you’ve ever had the good fortune to hear surfers talking about their sport you will have noticed that the surfing fraternity have a language of their own. Like other languages, the surfing dialect is unique. Everyday words like barrel, lip, blank and air take on a whole new meaning when used in the [...]

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Snapper Rocks 2015

If you want to see some top surfing this week Snapper Rocks is where you need to be. So pull off those surfboard covers, slap on the sunscreen and get out there  . Top surfers from around the world are currently competing in the Quicksilver Pro and Roxy Pro atSnapper Rocks on the Gold Coast. This is the first competition [...]

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3 Tips on Buying a Surfboard Cover

1)  FitWhen you first buy your surfboard get out the measuring tape and accurately measure the length and width of your board. If you have a fish or wider board make sure you take a lot of notice of the width.  If it has extra width you need a surfboard cover with extra width to accommodate [...]

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Surfboard Bag or Surfboard Sock

Decisions, decisions!  There's so many decision in life and now we have to work out if we need a surf board bag or a surfboard sock.  But seriously, if budget is tight and you can only choose one, what is right for you?A day bag offers protection while being light weight and easy to carry around. [...]

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​5 tips for taking care of your surfboard

It goes without saying that if you have a board you want to look after it as best you can. There’s nothing worse then getting your new baby…. I mean board, home only to have it get a crack in it 2 weeks later. There are some quick and easy thing you can [...]

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Travel Time

Surfettz will be relaxing and testing our products this week. All delivery time of orders will be delayed for up to 1 week until we reurn on Jan 19th. Sorry for any convenience, we will share our Fiji expereince upon our arrival, happy surfing :)

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XMAS GIFT PACKS Available NOW Limited Numbers !!

Check out the 3 Available XMAS Gift Pack Options availabe NOW BE QUICK LIMITED NUMBERS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE If you miss out also FREE XMAS GIFT WRAP on all purchases until Deccember 10 !!!! AWESOME VALUE ALLROUND this Xmas from Surfettz :) Merry Xmas

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