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​Gold Coast Surf Shops

As a born and bred Gold Coast local I am probably more qualified than most to give you a run down of the best Gold Coast Surf Shops. Did I mention I won my high school surfing competition? Which was sponsored! Much to my partner’s dismay who is legitimately an awesome surfer from [...]

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Surfing Competition Points

How Judges Award Points at Surfing CompetitionsYou finally learnt how to stand up on a board without falling off and now want to join the pro surfing circuit. So how are the judges going to score your performance? Well at this stage in your surfing career you would not be permitted to compete in this type of event, [...]

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​Australian Surfing Festival 2015 Coffs Harbour NSW

The Australian National Surfing Competition for 2015 is being held in the town that is home to the “Big Banana”. For those of you are scratching your heads trying to work out the name of this town, it’s Coffs Harbour. Located on the mid north coast of NSW, if you ask for directions on where to turn off the [...]

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Surf, Sharks and Safety

It would be a rare surfer that has not seen the footage or heard about the shark attack on Mick Fanning at the surfing competition in the Open World Surfing League event in Jefferys Bay, South Africa this week. Other shark attacks have been brought to the forefront in the media with photos of dark shapes and fins lurking [...]

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Surfing Equipment

Surfing Equipment - Accessorize Your BoardOnce you have your board, it is hard to resist the “extras” readily available to protect your board and enhance your surfing performance. Whether shopping for a board cover online, or a traction pad in store, there are many purchases which will boost your surfing experience.Board CoversThese are a must for surfers to protect their [...]

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Health Benefits of Surfing

There are many online interviews with surfers in which surf board riders state what they love about the sport. There are also quotes from well-known surfers which describe the feelings that are generated when riding the waves. Gary Sirota sums up his beliefs in saying “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf” There are no more [...]

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Longboard Bags Now Available Online

Stock Update!We love getting feedback from our customers and by far the most requested item has been more sizes in our longboard bags.  We are happy to announce that this week we received new stock including red and blue longboard covers in 8'2, 9'2 and 10' sizes.There's nothing worse than buying a bag only to have [...]

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​Surfettz and Gidgets

Call them what you may, female surfers are here to stay. Like their male counterparts, it is not known exactly when females began surfing. However it was in the early 1920 that the surfettz really started to strut their stuff.Margo Oberg widely heralded as the first female pro surfer. She lived in a tree house in Hawaii [...]

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​Professional Surfing – Where’s the fun?

The recent running of the Quicksilver Pro on the Gold Coast was perhaps the dawning of a new era in surfing, with Brazilian you gun Filipe Toledo taking out the title over the Sunshine Coast’s Julian Wilson in a high scoring final jam packed with exciting and progressive surfing. Explosive turns and gravity defying aerials had the crowed pumped [...]

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​Surfing – The Best Sport In The World

Whether your ride a shortboard, a long board, a bodyboard, or even a goat boat, there is no experience in life quite like grabbing your board of choice and paddling out at your favourite break. The sweet smell of surfboard wax as you open your boardbag mixes with the salty aromas of the ocean spray triggering memories of those perfect [...]

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