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Retro Surfboards

What’s old is new again. Fashion and trends have a funny way of coming back around after a time. The surfing world is no different, with many surfers keen to invoke past surfing joys by buying “classic” or older-style retro surfboards. The word “retro” derives from the Latin retrospective, referring to a nostalgic (or critical) [...]

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Surf Shops Brisbane

Need surfing equipment, clothing, or advice? Sunny Brisbane has plenty of surf shops with experienced staff on hand to help you find what you need. Below, we take a look at three iconic Brisbane surf shops that have forged a place in Australia’s surfing history.Goodtime Surfboards Australia29 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabba Qld 4102P: 07 3391 8588Goodtime has been hand shaping surfboards since 1971. It [...]

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​Types of Surfboards

Just as there are many different surfing abilities and types of wave, so too are there many different types of surfboards. Choosing the right surfboard for you is essential to enjoying your surfing experience. The main types of surfboards today are the shortboard or thruster, the longboard or Malibu, the fish, the gun, the funboard, and the hybrid. There [...]

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Mentawai Surf Trips

The Mentawai islands have something for everyone. Whether it’s surfing some of the best breaks in the world, bushwalking in tropical rainforest, or snorkelling colourful reefs, or just downright relaxing, the Mentawais can offer you a top-class experience.Where is Mentawai and Why Should I Go There?The Mentawai Islands are a chain of around seventy islands [...]

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​Best Surfboards for Beginners.

Which surfboard is the ideal surfboard for a beginner?In an age of self-proclaimed ‘surfboard experts,’ this simple question can often be made complex, to the point where it becomes daunting enough as to drain away all the enthusiasm that rode in with your original decision to learn how to surf. But it need not be. Here are a few simple [...]

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How to Pick the Right Wave

How To Choose The Right Wave and Catch ItA surfer can have great technique and stamina but if they don’t know how to choose the best wave to show off their skills they will always be at a disadvantage. Choosing the right wave is one of the core elements for a surfer.Before a surfer even hits the water with [...]

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Surfing Shark Attacks

Surfers Surviving Shark Attacks and Lightning StrikesSurfing tales can sometimes be compared to fishing stories which often relate to “the one that got away”, or the size of the fish caught on a fishing trip. Surfers have been known to exaggerate the size of the waves and descriptions of rides and wipe-outs. Many also tell tales (true and false) of [...]

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Stand Up Paddle Boards

What ‘sup’?The stand-up paddleboard (SUP) can be used as the name describes. That is, the rider stands up on the board and paddles using a “long oar” to propel the board through the water. This new craft caused very few ripples when used in calm waters, but when SUP riders started to join the line-up for waves that the [...]

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Make Your Own Surfboard Rack

Most damage to boards isn't done down at the beach.  It's when you have them sitting in storage.  The best way to avoid dings and scratches is to put them in a surfboard cover.  The second thing you should do, especially if you have more than one board is to put them in a surfboard [...]

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